OneView is a comprehensive equipment and asset management platform. Our customers are in heavy construction, mining and utilities sectors. Below is one image that depicts what the platform does.
Our specialty is integrating various hardware, software and data sources that already exists and is used in your organization. We bring all these pieces of information together into one comprehensive web portal. This gives you a holistic view of your equipment, fleet and your job sites.
You are not forced to buy any tracking devices or hardware from us. You can choose your preferred vendor. We can use the data provided by them to drive the functionality on this platform. Today we are integrated with over 50 OEM's and telematic providers.
In addition to telematic data we also collect a variety of other data such as oil analysis, tire pressure monitoring systems, fuel suppliers, on-road fueling, home based fueling.
The system is capable of tracking not just equipment, but it can also keep track of asset such as small pumps, generators and even tool boxes. We can also keep inventory of your attachments and track their usage. In addition we also track tires and materials at your ware houses and job sites. We do this through a variery of means ranging from telematic devices, RFID, Blue Tooth technology or simple QR code scanning of these asset.
With the data we collect on your various asset types, we have several useful applications.
  • Dispatch / Logistics
  • Field Tasks
  • Inspections
  • Inventory
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Purchase Orders
  • Safety Incidents
  • Time Sheets
  • Warranty
  • Work Orders
These applications and data can be visualized and consumed in a variety of ways. Most popular is the web application. There is also a full fledged mobile app that works native on iOS and Android. These mobile apps also work offline. Finally we have some intuitive and interesting applications that can be projected on to large displays and television screens.
This information that we collect can be integrated with your back office and accounting systems. We also can establish a two way synchronization with these systems.
All of these functions and features are available to you for a low monthly per equipment fee. There are no term contracts.
Call us at (416) 286 1253 or e-mail us at for a demo or to setup a no obligation free trial.